Cellular Vitality

What is cellular vitality?
Gary Tunsky, Cellular Disease Specialist, explains that there are three (3) things a cell requires for optimal health:
1. Hydration
2. Oxygen
3. Sugar(nutrients) – not the white processed sugar that tastes good; the sugar from organic fruits and vegetables.
As I previously shared with you, Mitochondria are tiny parts of every cell in your body. Mitochondria are the power house of the cells. They turn sugar and oxygen into energy that cells need to work.
In our son’s case, we believe he inherited a weak cellular function from Linda, his Mom’s gene pool. As a result, Hunter was born a non-excretor. Therefore, his body absorbed any toxic exposures, including proven neurotoxins contained in his childhood vaccines,    which proliferated over time, until he became neurologically challenged and “trapped in his own little world”.
What is cellular malfunction?
There are over 12,000 diverse “dis-eases” studied and “labeled” by today’s medical researchers. The truth is, almost every disease label known to man is nothing more than a description of a tube or a system of tubes that have been cut, narrowed, weakened, ballooned, inflamed, blocked, damaged, twisted, deflated, or exploded. Simply put, cellular malfunction are a result of tubes in trouble.
Gary provides a few examples as follows:
• An aneurysm is the result of a blood vessel tube that became weakened in its lining and ballooned.
• A stroke is a blood clot in a blood vessel or artery tube in the brain, shutting off blood flow and oxygen to the brain cells.
• The common cold is nothing more than the body’s healing crisis response to a viral infection causing mucous secretion in the sinus tubes, lung tubes or intestinal tubes. The uncomfortable symptoms of coughing up mucous, sinus drainage, sweating, and intestinal diarrhea are the body’s build-in purging mechanisms for tubular drainage of acids, parasites, mucous and toxins.
What is a detoxification system?
Our detoxification system is our “cleanser” within our body! This cleaning system requires a constant supply of nutrients including, but not limited to: trace minerals, sea minerals, amino acids, essential fats, zinc, and magnesium. It is vital to our health to keep this system functioning well as its headquarters are located in our liver.
In our son’s case, Hunter’s body was on “toxic overload” compromising his detoxification system. Due to his Mitochondria condition, Hunter’s cells did not absorb the constant supply of nutrients it needed to effectively rid the body of these poisons. We were shocked and heartbroken to find out how nutritionally deficient Hunter’s body was in essential fats, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. His liver function was poor at best.
Thankfully, through Gary, we were introduced to his 21 day/24 hour whole body cellular cleanse.
What is the 21 day/24 hour whole body cellular cleanse?
The main purpose of this cleanse is to clean the tubes leading to the cells. In a nutshell, remove the toxic soup from the blood, tissues, organs and cells.  A brief overview is that the cleanse contains natural, synthetic free, protocols to clean the colon, blood, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system of heavy metal/mercury toxins, food toxins, environmental toxins while addressing joint health, building the immunity system, balancing acid/alkaline ph level at the cellular level.
What are the body’s elimination channels?
There are four(4) channels for elimination of toxins out of the body:
  1.   The colon (defecation)
  2.   The urinary tract (urination)
  3.   The lungs (exhalation)
  4.   The skin (perspiration)
Both Hunter and Linda are non-excretors so their elimination channels were weak at best.  One of the best investments we have made, was a infrared sauna dome.  The dome has definitely assisted in pulling toxins imbedded in the bones/muscles as well as opening up their skin for elimination of toxins floating in their blood.
The best thing you can do for your body is to exercise.  Help your child sweat.  We invested in a trampoline that Hunter loved in which he engaged with other kids.  It was fun.  Exercise, exercise, exercise.
In addition to the holistic, synthetic free protocols, we used organic foot pads.  We placed one foot pad on our foot, alternating feet every night.  The foot pad is used to eliminate toxins in the blood while asleep.  Along with this, we took Epsom salts baths to assist in drawing out toxins.
Over the past two years, we as a family, continually cleanse our body and have incorporated a daily natural juicing regimen in a quest to obtain optimal health.
The  21 day/24 hour cleanse is NOT recommended for anyone while pregnant or one who is breastfeeding. 

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