Upper Cervical Care for Kids

Upper Cervical Care was never even on our radar screen as an avenue for Hunter’s healing.  Both Jim and I have had general chiropractic experience but we never knew that Upper Cervical Care even existed; let alone aware of the life-changing benefits “to keeping your head on straight”.
In a nutshell, a misalignment of the C1 and C2 (atlas and axis) adversely affects brain to brain, brain to body communication as well as depriving the brain of needed nutrients, oxygen and hydration it requires for optimal health.
In our son’s case, we do not know when his misalignment occurred, but we do know that “keeping his head on straight” is an important piece to Hunter’s recovery from his affliction with Autism.
Did you know that the nervous system is the first thing that forms in a developing fetus.  The primary function of the spinal column is to protect the central nervous system, which controls all bodily functions.  In addition, we depend on the spine for support and motion.  According to Sir Jay Holder, MD, DC, PhD, “The nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself.”
If we could rewind the tape to the day our son was born, Jim and I would have ensured that an upper cervical care appointment was made in addition to Hunter’s very first well baby check-up.
Why Kids Respond So Much Better to Upper Cervical Care
You can ask any Upper Cervical doctor throughout the country and they will tell you that kids hold their corrections longer than adults do.  This means they heal faster and better than we do.  There are many scientific reasons on why that statement holds true.  Let’s first discuss how an upper cervical misalignment can even happen to a child.  Kids go through a lot of learning processes as they are growing up.  Any parent can attest to the fact that when their kids begin to learn to crawl, stand up, walk, and run, minor traumas happen frequently.  Children are constantly bumping their heads, landing on their bottoms, and scraping their knees.  Most parents will always assume the notion, “No blood, no foul.”  Even if a kid screams bloody murder for a minute or two, as long as there is no blood or broken bones, they will be just fine.
Short-term, that belief can be true.  Long-term, however, a minor fall can have some very serious consequences.   The top two bones in our spine are only held in place by muscles and ligaments.  The anatomy is no different in a child.  All of these little trips, falls, and bumps can either acutely or cumulatively play a huge role in our children’s health.  If the area where our upper neck meets our head, (that area protects the brain stem) is misaligned, this can be a red flag.
Every process that keeps us alive is controlled and organized at the level of the brain stem.  Whether it’s our immune function, digestive system, respiratory system, hormonal regulation, temperature, you name it; the brain stem must be working properly in order for all of these systems to be working optimally.  AND, it’s not always brain to body connections that may get distorted, but it can also affect brain to brain communication as Dr. Ray Drury of Upper Cervical Health Centers – Charlotte, explains very well.
The brain’s primary role is processing thoughts, memory, emotions, and conscious awareness.  When you have a thought, memory, or emotion, it travels from the brain down to the brain stem.  The brain stem, like a switchboard operator, sends a message to another part of the brain that interprets it.  If there’s an interference of the nerve energy at the level of the brain stem, that message doesn’t get fully communicated, which can result in altered emotions, such as depression, anxiety, or panic attacks.  It can affect knowledge retention, creating conditions we have labeled as attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hypertrophy disorder (ADHD), Autism, dyslexia, or dementia.   A misalignment at the brain stem can interfere with these very important transmissions and may cause these problems.”
Most of the time, children ALREADY have a brain stem misalignment BEFORE they start bumping, tripping and falling.  I would like for you parents, mothers especially, to recall the birthing process of their children.  Even with a normal birth (plenty of oxygen and no complications with the umbilical cord), there is a lot of tugging, pulling, and twisting that takes place when the baby is being born.  When the child is breached, there is a tremendous amount of force and stress used to get the baby out.  Some births require tools such as forceps that pull the baby by the head in order to remove them from the birth canal.  Can you picture the trauma that this puts on our children’s spines before they are even a minute old?  Not only are their top two bones very little, but they AREN’T EVEN COMPLETELY OSSIFIED YET!  This means it’s not all bone, a lot of it still flimsy, unstable cartilage!  There is research to support this!
Dr. Ludwig Gutmann, a German MD, observed that approximately 75% of his infant patients had a brain stem compromise at birth.  The research paper that was published clearly correlates structural misalignment to neurological deficit in the infants.  That number, 75% should be very alarming.  Kids born to Upper Cervical doctors or current patients of Upper Cervical doctors have had their kids checked within minutes and hours of being born!
You might ask, why do kids respond so much better than adults with Upper Cervical Care?  The answer comes down to anatomy and lack of degenerative processes.  Regarding anatomy, a child’s spine and nervous system respond very well to an Upper Cervical correction due to the fact that the bone hasn’t been out of place as long as is the case with some adults.  Some patients that I have walking in my office have had Upper Cervical subluxations for upwards of 50, 60, maybe even 70 years!  In just a moment, I will address how I know that.  When the bone has been misaligned for a short period of time, the body receives and welcomes the correction easier.  ALSO, because the muscles and ligaments have not had much time to develop bad muscle memory, we can train the body to HOLD the corrections more efficiently compared to adolescence and adulthood.
Regarding the second reason why kids respond so well to Upper Cervical Care, plainly put, they are not as messed up as we are.  Over decades of living on Earth, we expose ourselves to traumas, poor posture habits, bad diet decisions, hazardous and toxic chemicals, and the list goes on and on.  Upper Cervical doctors can see an x-ray of a person and estimate their age based on the anatomy, and degenerative processes in the spine.  If problems such as Upper Cervical misalignments are never addressed, the nervous system and spine can really suffer.  We have patients who are only in their 40s and 50s, but their spine looks like they’re 70 or 80 due to all of the trauma and breakdown.  If these folks would have started Upper Cervical Care as a young child, their spines and bodies may perhaps appear as if they were in their 30s!  I see it all the time.  In summary, children haven’t been exposed to as many traumas and harmful things for their bodies. THEREFORE, THEIR BODIES CAN HEAL MUCH FASTER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY compared to adults.
Get your kids checked!  Just like a cavity, you can’t always see it; that’s why you take your kids to the dentist!  You won’t know if your child has a brain stem subluxation unless they get checked by an Upper Cervical Doctor.  Give a call today to schedule your consultation to make sure your children’s nervous systems are working the very best they can!  If you are not in the Wilmington area, please contact us anyway and I will be thrilled to point you towards a qualified Upper Cervical Doctor in your area.  If we get our kids under Upper Cervical Care now, the next generation will be light years ahead of our current generation in regards to health and wellness.  Take action and keep our future healthy!


“The best doctor gives the least medicine.”
-          Benjamin Franklin
Yours in Health & Wellness,
Dr. Josh D’Allesandro
Upper Cervical of Wilmington